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Prohormones are compounds which, technically, are converted by enzymatic process to anabolic hormones in the body. Therefore have similar effects on the body of anabolic steroids, causing rapid muscle and increase strength, but smaller due to the effect of reducing the rate caused by the enzymatic conversion. However, this technical definition is considered somewhat outdated these events occurred in sports supplements science since the introduction of the first best pro-hormone androstenedione. However, today the term typically applies not only Prohormones precursors of steroid hormones but also covers compounds active on their own and do not require the conversion of a different hormone to produce an anabolic effect. In this "hormone" article, the term can encompass all products that run through a hormonal mechanism that causes the anabolic effect.

Database of the first

Prohormones were introduced to increase the market in 1996 by Patrick Arnold, who brought the prohormone androstenedione to the market.

Eventually, Arnold introduced the hormone 1-AD, which is a hormone called 1-testosterone. This hormone was first considered an efficiency comparable to illegal steroids such as Winstrol or Primobolan.Prohormones time has progressed significantly since the introduction of androstenedione (discussed in bodybuilding is pretty trivial). After the introduction of advertising, the prohormone market changed dramatically. Knowing that the process of enzymatic conversion means Prohormones necessarily weaker than taking the same amount of hormone has become white, some organizations have begun to avoid the use of hormone precursors, and began market products such as 1-testosterone (a hormone that may be an ad), and finally 1-methyl-testosterone (M1T), which is a hormone 17-alpha-alkyl or denatured. In simple terms, it is assigned is very resistant to degradation in the liver, and most powerful products on the market, causing a rapid increase in strength and muscle, even for a long time steroid users, causing a series deleterious side effects as high blood pressure and elevated levels of liver enzymes.


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